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ACDC Strain

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Type: Sativa

CBD: 20%

THC: 24%

ACDC marijuana strain is a sativa dominant marijuana strain, with a characteristic THC to CBD ratio of 1:20.



ACDC marijuana strain is a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic, and does not produce any intoxicating effects or psychoactive effects on your body and called a “THC-free” strain, because this strain will not impair your abilities to function as you carry out your daily activities.

ACDC strain for anxiety whose sole purpose is to serve as a medicinal treatment which helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, seizures, nausea, tumours and tremors and mitigate the adverse effects or negative effects produced by chemotherapy. Syndromes and diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, tremors from Parkinson’s disease and tumors that people have trouble treating with conventional medications, but with CBD heavy strains such as ACDC strain have expirienced a decrease in their condition after consuming this CBD potent strain. The best method of consumption of this strain, can be either by smoking, eating or vaping. All methods extracted from ACDC strain for anxiety are high in potent CBD, so the manner of intake does not make so much of a difference. But those with sensitive lungs are not recommended to consume by smoking.

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